Zennar El Nar Screening and Discussion

The ciné-club consecrates a monthly spot for Lebanese cinema. In this context, “Zennar El Nar” was screened in the presence of the director Bahij Hojeij, and the author Rachid El Daïf. The discussion was very animated , and the audience’s feedback was mitigated. Hojeij described the film as a challenging journey. He said: “ Although the budget was tight, I am satisfied with the final result. I can say that we succeeded in documenting the Lebanese civil war from an unusual perspective.”


For his part, Al Daïf pointed out that the author’s and director’s visions are somehow complementary.He said:  “I enjoyed the collaboration with Hojeij, and here we go for the upcoming film titled “Good morning”

NDU lecturer, Producer and Scriptwriter Sam Lahoud highlighted that a film rarely reach unanimity. “Sometimes we question the general audience’s ability to understand a film. Unfortunately, commercial films often rank high in box office revenues while high caliber films are not given the sufficient exposure.”.He concluded: “The Lebanese public is invited to develop a cinematic cultural background and to embrace change within this industry”.


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